Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wow, I just realized that I smell like a rhino!

After a long night of crying baby, spit up, pulling out hair, cat naps on the couch that is not meant for napping. I decided heck lets just throw caution to the wind and go to the store. Now of course I am a bit sleep deprived, needing lots of coffee and my neurons are not snapping.

found this here: 

The sweet little baby of course is sleeping like an angel after a lovely bath and a nice clean outfit. So I think lets go for it. I rinse my face, combed my hair and headed out the door. I did not even brush my teeth! I know gross but again a little out of it at this point.

The goal was to pick up a few groceries but for some insane reason I decide to drive right past the grocery store and head on down to Old Navy. Not even sure what I was going to go buy. Hmmmm

First thing we see walking in the door is this sign.
Light up the Dark KnightSo of course I have to buy a t-shirt for the 8 year old because he now wants a flashlight.

One of my biggest current issues in regards to wardrobe is finding clothing that works for nursing. Nursing tank tops run upwards of $20 or more and I need a ton. I do not get paid maternity leave so I have to watch my spending. If you have a baby that likes to unlatch in the middle of a major milk let down, changing your top is a regular occurrence even with a burp cloth in place to catch the mess. So $20 a pop is a little too high. So Old Navy has tanks on for $3.50 and I figure well I can get those for under regular shirts and somehow create a way to lower the boob part. About 2 aisles over, I change my mind and put them back well because I am crazy and I can't decide if they will work or not. I proceed to dig through clearance looking for baby stuff, kid stuff and husband stuff. Nothing that I just had to have but I did manage to find some nice button up the front shirts on for $7.49! for the man. So now back to the whole I stink thing that comes later. As I am walking through the aisles I get caught in front of a mirror. YIKES!

No that is not me! but that is about how exposed I felt. My white tank top is fairly see through and I was wearing a pair of capri style tights. Simply Vera Wang from Kohls makes great tights if you like to wear them under long tops. The thing is my top was not long enough and my butt that needs some downsizing was quite prominent as was the view of my skin beneath my very see through top. And I have these major nipples showing. Guess what they aren't mine. My new nursing pads have these massive fake nipples in the front that I did not realize were so visible. Not that you can see any color because my bra is not see through but they were sticking out there. My hair was fairly greasy and well it was not pretty. So I grab a tank top off the clearance rack for a whopping $2.49 (can't beat a good deal) and head to the check out. Embarrassed by my sexy look (haha), I decide that I need to head next door to Michaels! Yes, I really did that. I carry my tank top into the bathroom to pull on under my other top. The lady in the stall next to me asks for toilet paper and as I am leaning over to hand her some under the wall, I realize that I stink. Armpit close to nose at this point. Good heavens do I reek. Like sour milk, body odor and just stink! I wonder what people were thinking of me as I walked by, butt hanging out, massive nipples and that God awful smell. But of course I had to walk around and look at all the stuff on sale first ;).,default,pd.html?cgid=projects-homedecor-walldecor&start=2
I want to make this for the nursery:

To match this that I bought at Target:
Circo® Neutral 3pc Bedding Set.Opens in a new window

My lesson of the day: do not leave the house without taking a shower!


  1. lol I had days like that with Jack and I am looking forward to those days again. :) love the stress pic.

    1. I am so looking forward to those days for you as well Michelle. I love that pic as well. I miss the coffee right now. I could use some ;).

  2. I'm sure that I too had that Eau-de-Mum-to-newborn fragrance! Not pretty... And well done for getting out and about with the little one - it takes me about 7 hours to pack up and get ready to go anywhere...

    1. Oh Aoife,
      Thank you for reading all of my posts you made my day with your beautiful comments. It does take forever to get out the door these days.

  3. Ha ha ha! I think we have all done it. I've gone out smelling like an off cheese. And probably looking a bit like one too. Greasy hair, sweaty, stinking of sour milk. I love the nursery decor, so sweet.