Sunday, August 7, 2011

First a little about us, so you can understand who we are.

Our family is made up of my husband and I and our two sons. My oldest is 14 and the youngest is 7. Why so far in between most people ask? Well life isn't always how we plan. I wasn't expecting to get pregnant with my oldest. I was only 19 and my husband and I were not even talking to each other at the time. The day I called him to tell him, he was going to be a Dad, was the day I changed his world. We patched things up and I thank God for that, because he is my bestfriend and my better half. I tell him he is my every other heart beat. So after the birth of my handsome boy, I did not plan on having another anytime soon. I have some issues in the female area and never expected to have any kids at all, so I felt like my baby boy was a gift. Well a few years go by and before we know it our first born is 4! We had moved and I started dreaming of another baby. A little girl to add to the mix. When I found out I was pregnant and hadn't even been trying, I was pretty excited. Sadly we lost that baby early in pregnancy. My heart tore but I was okay. I felt strong and sure that we could have another. Later that summer I lost another baby early in pregnancy, again I felt hurt but still strong enough to go on. A couple more years go by and I start dreaming of another baby. I hit the doctor in advance this time. I needed progesterone to get things going correctly. Thank goodness I went in, I was started on progesterone and without the doctors knowing it I was already pregnant. Progesterone saved my little guy. I had to take medication till I was five months pregnant but our little boy pulled through. We now had two handsome boys to love on. Two years later we tried again and had a another miscarriage 6 weeks in, it was devestating but we handled it. Fast forward three years down the road. I start dreaming of another baby. I had put on a lot of weight and my cycle was pretty much a thing of the past, but I really wanted a baby. I am sure people thought I was crazy, I had a teenager and a 5 year old, why start over? I knew I was meant to be a Mommy again and I still dreamed about having a little girl. So I got on birth control pills to help things get going. After doing that for awhile, we got started trying. I knew I was pregnant right away. Rushed into the doctor and got on progesterone. Things looked great and I would be a Mommy again. I was so happy.

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  1. "He is my every other heart beat" - just lovely