Thursday, October 13, 2011


I was naive like a newborn kitten assuming that Mother's milk would be easy to find and I would grow and be nourished.
I was naive in seeing the trees blossom and bloom and not anticipating the death of winter whispering in the wind.
My innocence led me astray, I forgot to wear my armor thick and full of spikes to ward off pain and break.
I thought I was safe and my heart was whole and full of love.
The darkness did not scare me, there was no cloying weight of the world upon my shoulders.
I laughed and danced like a young girl with mythical Lillies adorning my hair.
Life was a celebration, a dance to enjoy.
Sweet music to only make you weep with pleasure.
But Death took pain in my pleasure, his cruel heart not willing to accept this naive soul walking in his path.
Death he could have so easily snatched me by the throat and pulled the air from my body, leaving my corpse to rot within the dirt.
Oh but no, that would not suffice.
He plotted against my innocence waiting till the right moment to strike.
Then one day the timing was just perfect, the stars had aligned and my joy was at its greatest.
Again my naivety tortured him and he knew it was now or never.
And he murdered my innocence, one swift swipe with his blade.
My punishment for being naive.


  1. Oh it does feel like a punishment doesn't it? I had a similar feeling, that the stars were aligned, that I was so happy and then . . well. . . it didn't work out quite as I had envisaged.
    I'm so sorry that your innocence was stolen away from you, it is very cruel xo

  2. Oh this is gut wrenching.
    I know what you mean about innocence being murdered, one swift with his blade. I really feel that and especially because my sons death and the loss of my womb were because of medical negligence. Death channeled himself through the doctors hands.
    I wish we all still lived with innocence, and our babies. I would give anything for that life and him back. xo