Thursday, July 5, 2012

He was here. He existed. He was my son. I held him in my arms. I kissed his lips. I carried him within my body for 9 months. I carried his ashes into my home. I did not imagine all of this. This child, my son.. he was someone. He is someone. A part of me. Forever...

I just miss him. I miss who he would have been. Right now with the heat unbearable and the days long, I miss him so very much. As much as I want the days to stand still. As much as I don't want to acknowledge how long he has been gone, I wish it would just hurry up and move along already.

8 more days and I just wish it would hurry up already. The closer we get the more it hurts.


  1. I am thinking of you and Braedon and I hope you and Alexander are able to enjoy a cooler day soon. Over here I am still waiting for summer. xoxox

  2. I know I'm getting to this late, but I was the same before Seamus's anniversary. It was so so hard.