Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Big Number 2!

Another year has hurried by. Year one filled with obsessive thoughts about getting pregnant right away, then the time being pregnant and of course the process of delivering a healthy baby. Year two has been filled with raising my living children and learning to breathe once more.

But it hurts no less than day one or two or month two or month 18. It hurts the same. I have learned how to carry the pain and the tears come less and less now but I still cry and I still ache. And how I miss.

Happy Birthday Sweet Braedon. You are forever on my mind, forever in my heart and I miss you.


  1. Remembering Braedon on his birthday. Love to you mama. xx

  2. Happy birthday, Braedon xoxoxo. Two is a milestone for sure.

  3. Happy birthday Braedon. Thinking of you momma.