Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Little Seed

Once Upon a time there was a seed so eager to grow.
For this seed had been planted with true love.
The little seed stretched his limbs as far as he could but only pushed against the warm soil that surrounded him.
"Wait". a soft voice whispered.
The seed felt the love from this voice and listened. He curled up within the soil to wait a little longer.
Days passed and the seed grew and grew. The soil became tight against him, but he was comforted by this and snuggled deeper.
One day he heard a voice calling to him, "True love has made you grow strong, your time is near".
The little seed did a dance within the soil for he knew he would soon be able to stretch his limbs toward the sun and feel the warm breeze against his leaves.
A few more days came to pass and the soil grew tight around him. This time his limbs that had grown long as well, pressed against him.
He could feel his heart beat strong but something was different, his heart beat seemed so big.
He jumped with this new feeling and pressed hard against the soil.
A deep voice spoke to him again.
"Little seed your heart has grown too big, the love that made you has made you special. There is a better place for you to grow, somewhere special and perfect made just for you".
The seed cried warm tears of confusion for he did not want to leave this place, he could feel the love all around him and he wanted to stay.
The deep voice again spoke to him.
"Fear not little seed for in this special place, love will surround you and hold you tight. Your leaves will grow in the shape of hearts and your limbs will never bend. One day the ones who made you, will wrap their arms around you and know that you became so beautiful because of the love they had for you".
The seed raised his limbs as high as he could and let himself be carried from the soil and placed in a garden so beautiful he wept at the wonder of it all.
The ones who planted him wept for his presence.
The little seed heard their cries and he felt sad.
The deep voice spoke to him again.
"Little seed do not fret for you will see them again. Think of them and they will hear you".
So the little seed thought of them often, and sent them kisses on the wind. He thought of them at night and sent them twinkling stars to comfort them. He thought of them when it rained and sent them rainbows to bring them joy.
And then one day the ones who loved him so wrapped their arms around him and he too felt joy.

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