Friday, September 16, 2011

The Path Chosen

One day I decided to go for a walk.
I had no reason for this.
I just knew I could not stay.
The road was smooth and easy to maneuver.
Soon I came upon a fork in the road.
To the left the path appeared well trodden, many footprints I could see.
To the right the path appeared unused, shiny and new.
I went left.
Many years I would walk upon this road, some bumps I would cross along the way.
Smiles, joy and love I found.
One day I became weary, this road I had walked too long.
Grief found its way into my heart.
Great tears I began to cry, falling upon the road like rain.
I did not like this choice that now had brought me pain.
I screamed out, wait I made a mistake can I go back? Can I go right?
A whisper on the wind, "You can not go back, for you choose life".

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