Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Come and Go Like Magic

I posted this on my facebook page but honestly it really belongs here.
As I was walking along in the library looking for books for my youngest son, I just happened to pull this one from the shelf. I caught my breath as I read this, it touched me so deep in my soul. This is how I feel. I understand exactly what this means now.
"I tell Willie a story Miss Matlock once told me about the monarch butterflies. I tell him how they fly all the way to Mexico in the winter and millions of them fill the trees so it looks like the mountainsides are on fire. They stay perfectly still until sunrise and then fly up in a great orange cloud. A "swirling wind of wings" is how Miss Matlock described it. Nobody knows when they go or how they know to come back. They just do. Spring comes, the flowers bloom, and the butterflies appear like magic. "I'd like to be like that," I say. "Like a butterfly. I'd like to come and go like magic".
(Fawcett, Katie P. 2010 To Come and Go Like Magic)
I too want to come and go like magic. I look for the beauty in the little things now, a visit from a dragonfly. The little butterflies that pass by. Even the glint of the sun off the leaves. This little bit of beauty makes me think of him. I feel as if these are his little ways of saying hi to me. Letting me know, to hold on to the magic. To come back from that place I sit at on a mountainside in my soul. Maybe when the spring comes I will appear once more, like the butterflies.

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