Sunday, July 22, 2012

Need some advice from Nursing Mommas

I see a lot of visitors to my site but not a lot of comments. I am glad that there are those who stumble across my blog. I hope it helps in some way reading someone elses story. You can always email me if you need to talk. I often run short on time when reading other blogs and don't get a chance to comment as often as I would like.

I did consider starting another blog about the day to day of being a Mom to my living children and my new little one but between kids, work and school; I have no time for that. Plus I don't know who would want to read more of my dribble. So I hope that I do not hurt anyone by continuing to discuss my journey with living and loving my babies I hold in my arms and the one I hold in my heart.

Today I am asking for those who stop by to leave me a comment. I need a little advice from any Mommas who are currently nursing, nursed in the past or had a chance to pump and donate their milk. For any other BLMs out there, my heart breaks if you have yet to have this chance and my thoughts go out to you in hopes that your turn is right around the corner.

Even though this is not my first time nursing, it has been several years and my situation is a bit different now.
I am looking for reviews on a few things: good quality nursing tops at a low price, nursing pumps and nursing bras.

Honestly I do not care for anything out on the market that I have found. Several stores now carry nursing tops and the prices are okay but still a bit high. Targets line of nursing tops are just not my style. Some of the camis I have found at other stores are the kind that stick to your skin and with 110 degree days here, I want items that do not encourage sweat. I have looked online but without actually seeing them in person, I hesitate to purchase anything. I am also having a major issue with nursing bras, I have 6 different brands that are all uncomfortable. So what is your favorite?

I am also interested in what breast pump you are using? I will be returning to work soon and my Avent Isis Manual pump is not going to do the trick even though I love it for at home.

So leave me a note, what is your suggestion.


  1. I'm not really very good with budgets, and since we are planning (hoping?) to have more kiddos, we invested in our pump (it's a Hygeia).

    As for nursing bras, I hate all of mine too. I don't find them supportive at all, so I'll definitely come back to read the comments and hope to find some good tips.

    And nursing bras, I use "Momzella" tanks. I check out the clearance section for tanks/tshirts. I also find more often than not I use button-ups and looser also tanks (pulling the top down, rather than the bottom up). Hope that helps. :)

  2. I wish I had some advice for you, I wasnt able to nurse Jack even though he was home for three months- he needed a pump and special formula and on top of that my milk didnt come in anyway due an infection and blood loss complication. It will be undiscovered territory when I get there. xo

  3. I suppose that any suggestions with regards to nursing tops and bras won't be very helpful as I'm in the UK but my Medela pump was amazing.

    This one was fab and in the hospital we used the Symphony.

  4. I use the medela pump in style and it works pretty well. I have a couple of nursing bras that are ok but mostly I just use a non-nursing bra that is easy for me to just move to the side to allow her to nurse. Good luck, I am sure you will find some things that work it may just take some trial and error.

  5. Another Medela fan here - I used the swing at home and the symphony in hospital. As for nursing clothing, I have never found a comfortable nursing bra that was also supportive - it seems you have to choose one or the other: comfort or support. And as I'm in the UK too, I can't recommend clothes...

  6. I'm late in posting this but...I concur, the Medela pump in style is the best. It's pricey though but I've seen them sold on Craigslist, etc. I know Medela says not to use someone else's pump but if you buy all new tubing, etc, it seems like a viable and affordable option. And "A Pea in the Pod" has a Seamless Clipdown Nursing Bra for $45. I know it's pricey but I live in it.