Saturday, November 17, 2012

I will have to Pin that.

So lately I have totally fallen in love with Pinterest. The food pins especially. I could spend hours in the kitchen just trying to recreate some of the recipes. Alas, I am not that productive (work, school, television.....) and find myself drooling upon my keyboard as I peruse the beautifully arranged dishes of decadence.

But of course there is more than food on Pinterest. Sometimes I come across little tidbits such as this and it just seems to fit the moment.


Yep, it goes on. Life that is. That is all I can about that.

It amazes me yet even at this moment how life has gone on. I wonder what life would have been like if things had all turned out differently. 


  1. I love Robert Frost, coincidentally his poetry has been on my mind lately, he suffered many losses throughout his life including child loss. To this day I am also still surprised that life has gone on.xoxox

  2. Yes it does... I once thought I'd die from a broken heart... but I didn't. Life just went on.